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Technical reports: Induction hardening

State-of-the-art induction technology for crankshaft hardening plants

Crankshafts are used in combustio engines, transforming the con rod's stroke into a rotatory motion for driving the axle shaft. Along with this, torsional and flexural fatigue appears and demands a special heat treatment process. The induction hardening with a rotating crankshaft has mostly replaced competitive methods and provides the engine builders with a flexible production process for varying geometries, different hardening zones as well as increasing production rates.
pdfState-of-the-art induction technology for crankshaft hardening plants

Minimal distortion induction hardening of crankshafts

During induction hardening of crankshafts, undesirable distortion occurs in the component, in particular in case of fillet hardening. The procedure patented by SMS Elotherm solves this problem by means of a combination of distortion simulation, an appropriate hardening sequence, specific power control, and a special mechanical workpiece handling system.
pdfMinimal distortion induction hardening of crankshafts

Induction hardening of steering racks for electric power steering systems

“Power-on-Demand”, maximum mileage, and more functionality – modern automotive steering systems need to offer all this, while being maintenance-free and low-weight at the same time. Most vehicles already use electric power steering to assist the steering movement, allowing for easy manoeuvring for parking or at low speeds.
pdfInduction hardening of steering racks for electric power steering systems

Technical reports: Induction heating

Dynamic energy management for increased energy efficiency
in modern induction heating systems

In response to increasing input costs, proactive induction heating system operators are demanding better productivity and energy efficiency from their production lines. Although already highly efficient in principle, induction heating efficiencies can be ignificantly improved through the implementation of Dynamic Energy Management technologies.
pdfDynamic energy management

Forge operators boost productivity and energy efficiency
with new induction furnace technology

A growing number of forge industry leaders have taken advantage of the improved energy efficiency, higher productivity, and eco-friendliness offered by the newest generation of innovative induction heating technologies.
pdfForge operators boost productivity

Induction heating in hot rolling mills

Integrated minimill concepts for the production of hot strip have been in successful operation for many years. All the plant components, from the vertical casting machine through the roller hearth furnace right up to the compact rolling mill are installed in line to enable a continuous process from the liquid steel phase right through to the coiled hot strip. Increasing demands on productivity and the quality of the rolled goods can be met today by integrating flexible induction units into these lines.
pdfInduction heating in hot rolling mills

DIN EN ISO 50001 – Opportunities for the international forging industry

The much cited “Energiewende” has ambitious goals: as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 % compared to 1990, the aim is to provide more than 80 % of Germany’s electricity from renewable energy sources by 2050. One of the measures taken to finance the energy transition was the passing of the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG), which aims to spread the costs of distributing electricity generated from renewable sources to end users by means of the EEG reallocation charge. Manufacturing industries certified to DIN EN ISO 50001 with high energy consumption rates have the opportunity of reducing their electricity costs in order to maintain their international competitiveness.
pdfDIN EN ISO 50001 – Opportunities for the international forging industry

Technical reports: Tube technology

Precise, energy-efficient induction systems for the tube and pipe industry

Effective solutions for induction welding and heating processes are a basic requirement for modern, costeffective tube production.
SMS Elotherm combines comprehensive skills in tube production systems with advanced process expertise and achieves low energy consumption through intelligent technology. This results in highly efficient and economical induction solutions..
pdfHFI/HFC longitudinal seam welding of tubular sections

Technical reports: Ring hardening

Advantages of induction hardening with no soft zone on large bearings

Large bearings are required to carry large axial and radial forces and their resulting torques. Typical applications include general machinery and construction equipment, as well as onshore and offshore energy technologies. These diverse applications have one thing in common: their components are highly stressed mechanically, and are therefore induction hardened to increase their dynamic strength and wear resistance.
pdfAdvantages of induction hardening

"Go hard into the Wind" – Induction hardening of large rings for wind turbines

Wind power, particularly through the growth of offshore wind installations, will play a leading role in our renewable energy future. Cost-effective offshore energy production requires virtually maintenance-free wind turbines, posing a special design challenge for highly and dynamically loaded components such as rotary joints and bearing rings.
pdfGo hard into the wind

Technical reports: Converters and inductors

Energy-efficient power supply for induction hardening and heating processes

Induction heating is an established, highly energy-efficient industrial process. The traditional areas of application include, among other things, induction hardening, forge heating, tube welding and annealing as well as the heating and quenching followed by tempering of steel bars or tubes.
pdfEnergy-efficient power supply for induction hardening and heating processes

Induction tube hardening and tempering with EloMat multi-zone technology

Innovative solutions from SMS Elotherm offer higher fl exibility than conventional furnace systems for induction hardening and tempering of long products, especially with small batch sizes.
pdfInduction tube hardening and tempering with EloMat multi-zone technology


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