Modular architecture for every use case


Thanks to their modular architecture, EloBar induction heating machines for bar forging offer a suitable and economical solution for every use case. The induction section can be adapted as required to every desired throughput. Standard interfaces between individual SMS Elotherm components, and especially to downstream forming units, enable flexible – and above all – long-term economical conversion and upgrading of bar heating at any time.


One of the special advantages of induction heating machines for forge heating is simple adaptation using additional system components. This allows them to be adapted to the specific requirements of plant operators at reasonable cost as well as to be easily retrofitted or converted at a later date. These options include bar magazines, hot soaking, and hot shear systems.

All machine components are designed and built by SMS Elotherm for easy access and maintenance.

This applies in particular to the substructure, as well as the drive and transport equipment. In addition, a special swing-out module enables excellent access to the forming unit for maintenance tasks.





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Intelligent modularity

The compact construction and intelligent modularity of the EloBar bar heating machines allow them to be integrated very efficiently into new or existing production lines. Among other things, the machines can be fully integrated into the control systems of modern presses and hot shears. They are equally versatile with regard to throughput. Machines with capacities from 200 kg/h to more than 25 t/h can be installed, depending on customer requirements and the forming unit.

High energy efficiency and productivity

EloBar offers high energy efficiency and productivity with its heat retention function and zone technology, supported by a specially developed bar magazine with specific cooling functions for quick re-entry of circulating material. In addition, the shuttle system ensures short set-up times and high availability. By way of example, 20 inductors can be exchanged in less than 3 minutes. Another outstanding feature of EloBar is the fully automatic height adjustment of the roller conveyor section at the infeed rolls of the downstream forming unit.

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Pyrometer temperature measurement

Pyrometer temperature measurement

The temperature after the inductor is measured by pyrometers. An immediate online comparison of target and actual values provides direct quality control. Any deviations lead to automatic power adjustment, ensuringhigh process reliability for the subsequent forging operation.

Mathematical model

Thanks to a mathematical model, the desires of plant operators for high productivity, stable heating processes and the best possible product quality for the subsequent forging operation can be ensured in both normal and abnormal operation. In the event of disruptions in downstream processes or during operation with reduced throughput, a mathematical model comes into play. This mathematical model allows high quality requirements to be safeguarded with constantly optimal energy consumption.

mathematical model
References worldwide

Best references worldwide

EloBar rod heating machines are used worldwide and achieve excellent results. One of the highlights is the world’s largest rod heating machine. In combination with a hot shear, this machine can heat round bars with diameters up to 360 mm. The world’s fastest rod heating machine, located ahead of a horizontal press, was also built by SMS Elotherm.


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