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Along with precisely controlled heating, the core activity of IAS is melting and casting of non-ferrous and ferrous metals using clean induction technology.

In the induction heating process, the metal is exposed to an alternating electromagnetic field generated by a current-carrying coil. This non-contact process produces eddy currents in the material, which in turn produce heat. This process can be influenced in a controlled manner by adjusting the frequency and power. Another advantage of induction melting is that the electromagnetic forces naturally cause intensive motion in the melt pool, resulting in perfect blending of the melt.

Matched to the individual requirements of customers, the MetalLine machines from IAS are the right solution for channel and crucible melting furnaces and casting furnaces. As part of SMS Elotherm, IAS unites all induction technology competences in-house – including coordinated inductors, modern IGBT converters as power units, and systems engineering with mature control systems.


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Induction channel furnaces with high efficiency

The MetalLine induction channel furnaces from IAS feature high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption. They generate gentle metal pool mixing for homogeneous alloys with constant and uniform temperature. For these reasons, this furnace type is among the preferred choices for induction melting, especially for copper materials. Another advantage is the variable furnace geometry, as well as hermetically closed versions with which IAS can flexibly fulfil all customer requirements.

The multitude of potential applications of the MetalLine induction channel furnaces include melting of scrap and large-format raw materials, heat soaking of various alloys and use as heatable casting furnaces.

Advanced converter technology from IAS enables precise process control. The preferred configuration is a dual-channel machine with FEM-based inductors, which enables a uniform temperature distribution in the melt and is distinguished by long service life.

Flexible melting with induction crucible furnaces

The electromagnetic forces of the MetalLine induction crucible furnaces naturally lead to intensive pool motion, which results in perfect blending of the melt and degassing of supersaturated melts. The pool motion also promotes fast alloying in order to meet a wide variety of process requirements.

IAS uses IGBT-based converters as power sources for the MetalLine induction crucible furnaces. The frequency range is individually adapted to the furnace size and melt material. A variety of converter topologies with single or multiple converter outputs are available.

From chips to melt: productive and clean

With approximately 98% yield, the MetalLine induction crucible furnaces are the preferred choice for melting chips of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The furnaces achieve this high productivity as a result of the intentional melt pool motion and the high installed power density. IAS offers crucible furnace systems with capacities from 10 kg to 3000 kg.

A problem with the melting of oily chips is that the residual oil burns and burdens the exhaust air extraction system as well as causing slag formation on the furnace walls, which leads to gradually reduced performance and requires considerable cleaning effort. IAS has developed an effective solution to this problem: a precisely controllable loading system combined with a smart controller and an advanced IGBT converter.

Chips wetted with cutting oil and water are loaded into a centrifuge, where the oil content is reduced to about 2%, which prevents subsequent metal loss due to chip combustion. In addition, the oil can be recycled. The dried chips are then fed to the melting furnace via a chip hopper. The IAS controller ensures that the thermal energy is exactly matched to the loaded chip mass and pool motion. Numerous process parameters are taken into account for this, so that the optimal process temperature can be maintained in all situations with the aid of the fast-acting IGBT converter.

Converters and inductors: knowing what matters

Converters and inductors are the key elements of every induction machine. Process reliability and economy for the customer are essentially dependent on perfect interaction between the two, for which reason IAS has united all core competences in-house.

IAS produces switchgear based on both conventional and power electronics, using high-quality components and tailored to individual customer requirements. Modern fieldbus systems that minimise cabling expense and offer extremely high interface flexibility are used for the sensors.

Energy is supplied to the heating and melting furnace systems by advanced IGBT transistor converters. The fully digitised systems enable easy access, smooth integration into existing control systems and efficient servicing of converter modules.

To boost efficiency, the inductors of the IAS melting and casting furnaces are designed and produced on an application-specific basis. Their high-grade electrical insulation and mechanical isolation ensure long service life.


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