High-quality welding


In modern tube production, induction heating and welding technology is a basic prerequisite for high productivity, quality and profitability.

Elotherm has many decades of experience in tube machines, as well as the latest process expertise. On that basis, Elotherm develops and supplies solutions along the entire tube production chain. Perfectly integrable and cost-effective.

With longitudinal welding, an endless strip is formed into a tubein a continuous rolling process. The opposing strip edges are heated to the welding point by an inductor carrying a high-frequency alternating current and pressed together by rolls. The resulting high-quality weld does not need any additional materials.

Perfect induction welding machines

The EloWeld series of machines for high-frequency longitudinal welding of tubes and profiles made of steel or non-ferrous metals have a modular structure, enabling economical adaptation to individual requirements. The key components are the parallel-resonant or series-resonant converters as energy sources with variable frequency, inductors matched to the tube or the profile shape, and a user-friendly controller for quality assurance.

The machines can process steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper and zinc.


Modular structure





Welding machines with RF induction

Secure welds

RF induction technology plays a key role in the metalworking areas of tube and profile manufacturing. Versatile induction technology is an essential component of productivity improvement, quality improvement and quality assurance. With suitable input materials and material grades, our modern RF welding machines can produce high-quality tubes with properties comparable to those of seamless tubes, which can replace seamless tubes in many areas.


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