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Information about we are dealing with the coronavirus

Dear customers,


The situation around the new Corona-virus is developing fast and affects our daily lives globally. I wanted to assure you that SMS Elotherm GmbH has undertaken suitable measures to continue operations and to make sure that we maintain supply and service for our products and support to you.

We adapt from day to day, follow the advice of experts and install preventive or corrective measures as we for ourselves and authorities require. Most of our factories and service centers around the world are open. You can reach our contact persons via telephone and e-mail. But of course, we are also equipped with videoconferencing tools that we use for meetings among colleagues, with customers and other business partners and we have enabled to work from home for many of our colleagues.

We attempt to keep our service at the highest level possible, as you may expect from us, so that also in these times your operations can continue as smoothly as possible. To assure the health of your and our employees, our service personnel adhere to strict guidelines. If we cannot provide on-site service, our service technicians are available to you via video, telephone and mail.

Many countries have taken extensive measures to limit the movement of persons. In addition, transportation and delivery of goods may suffer from delays. To avoid downtime, we recommend reviewing the stock of (critical) spare parts. We can assist you in that as well as support with defining preventive operational measures to keep the machines running.

We are firmly committed to continuing to do what we can to assist you with supplies, support and smooth operation of your business. We would like to thank you for your trust and your support to overcome this period.

I wish that all of you stay healthy. In the case of questions, please to not hesitate to call your contact persons in SMS Elotherm.



Kind regards,


Hendrik Johan de Lange

Chief Executive Officer