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Induction machines from SMS Elotherm offer many advantages for hardening and forging of steel parts. Thanks to the modular machine components, we can respond quickly and specifically to the wishes of our customers. That applies to both new machines and modular extensions of existing machines – for everything from ring hardening to strip heating, we have a broad range of machines available. Individual induction sections can be flexibly adapted to every desired throughput. Standard interfaces between individual SMS Elotherm components, and especially to downstream forming units, allow machine conversions and upgrades to be performed in a highly flexible and, above all, highly economical manner at all times.


One of the special advantages of induction heating machines from SMS Elotherm is easy adaptation using additional machine components. This allows them to be adapted to the specific requirements of plant operators at reasonable cost as well as to be easily retrofitted or converted at a later date.


High power density

Environ­ment­ally friendly

High heating rates

Targeted local power input


Special induction applications for tubes

As a system partner, SMS Elotherm offers harmonised solutions for all induction applications, offering customers a reliable contact person and utilises the advantages of uniform system technology. Our portfolio therefore also includes induction machines for tube bending and for heating tube bends and tube ends, all of which require special expertise.

Tube bending

The induction methods from SMS Elotherm enable economical production of seamless tube bends with straight arms as well as multiple or compound bends. Bending is performed in a automated, continuous process, with the bending temperature, cooling and feed rate regulated according to the tube material, bending radius, diameter and wall thickness.

High-strength grades can also be processed on the SMS Elotherm machines. Tube bending with induction heating eliminates complicated welding tasks as well as costly weld supervision and inspection – in this case, for piping in a power plant.

Induction heating machines for tube bending
Induction heating machines for tube bends

Tube bends

Production of tube bends is based on the Hamburg method with hot deformation over a mandrel, with the objective being tube bends with uniform wall thickness throughout. To achieve this, SMS Elotherm offers induction machines in which induction coils heat the material to be bent in the precise place.

Tube end heating

SMS Elotherm’s modular machine concept for tube end heating is hard to beat for flexibility. Depending on the required production capacity, it can be configured with up to eight individual stations in single or multiple coil versions. It can be used for low-stress annealing, normalisation and heating for upset forging. SMS Elotherm’s machines are suitable for heating defined lengths with different end geometries, such as tube ends, profile and railway track ends, bar ends and shaft ends.

Induction heating machine for tube end heating


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