Remscheid, 11 September 2015

ThyssenKrupp Gerlach GmbH |Induction forge heating

Induction forge heating

For more than 40 years, SMS Elotherm has been supplying induction heating machines to a wide variety of ThyssenKrupp sites worldwide.


ThyssenKrupp Gerlach (Germany) placed an order with SMS Elotherm to build an induction heating machine. With a process power of 2x 2400 kW, throughput of 13 tonnes per hour and length of just under 15 metres, the dual line sets new performance standards in the world of induction forge heating. The heating machine is equipped with zone technology (iZone control), an emptying device, a fully automatic inductor shuttle as well as robot-controlled material feed and removal.

The machine is able to adapt flexibly, automatically and energy-efficiently to all operational load conditions.


Constant power factor over the entire power range

iZone technology for optimal heat retention

Automatic inductor section adaptation for reduced scale formation

Identical inductors for lower spare parts investment