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Sustainability – SMS Elotherm GmbH

…on our way to climate neutrality for us and our next generation.

Our next steps

Continuous further development is our maxim for continually improving production processes and, above all, making them more energy efficient and thus more sustainable. Our goal is to contribute to completely CO2-free production with our systems so that the next generations are climate neutral.

To this end, we develop induction heating systems, for example, which completely or partially replace conventional processes (e.g. heating furnaces) and thus significantly reduce CO2emissions during production.

thinkbefore print

What we are already doing

In our daily work there are many examples of how we consciously deal with environmental issues and sustainability. These include the correct separation of waste, handling of hazardous substances, switching to energy-saving LED lighting in our production halls and minimal printing according to the motto "think before you print“. Furthermore, have we planned to realize our own electricity production with solar panels and to install charging stations.

When testing inductive systems, rainwater is used to cool the quenching and cooling media. Rainwater is collected in large containers and fed into a separate cooling circuit. The rainwater removes the residual heat from the quenching and cooling media and can be reused after treatment. In 2019, a throughput of approx. 85,000 m³ was circulated for testing induction systems. This system allows us to completely dispense with the use of conventional drinking water.

At SMS Elotherm, the concept of sustainability begins with the design and procurement of semi-finished products. We favour environmentally friendly materials and suppliers with sustainable production processes. We are also preparing us to ensure that the components in the installations we design and build can be traced in a transparent manner (SVHC, "material compliance").

Our plants that are already contributing to our customers' sustainable production


Thanks to our newly developed induction coil insulation, thermal losses can be reduced by up to 75%. This reduces energy consumption and energy costs. In addition, the insulation is very durable and quickly replaceable.

Additive Inductor Manufacturing

With the help of additive manufacturing, we can print inductors and quenching showers individually for each hardening process. Additive manufacturing reduces the use of material and brazed connections. Furthermore, it improves the cooling. This increases the lifetime and efficiency of the components.


Our digitised products enable you to gain comprehensive knowledge of the processes and further optimise them. As a result, they are taking a further step towards more efficient and intelligent production. With ELO-CONNECT, you can directly measure component quality and significantly reduce rejections in your production.


The modernisation of existing systems rather than new investment also represents a sustainable concept. In this case, we replace only necessary components as part of modernisation. We are more than available to develop together with our customers concepts that can also increase energy efficiency.

Our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 global goals for sustainable development, called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are aimed at both the government and companies. These goals are intended to enable a decent life worldwide and at the same time to permanently protect livelihoods. The objectives encompass economic, environmental and social aspects.

We have chosen to focus on the following goals in our daily actions:

Clean water and sanitary facilities

Our contribution: Water management

One step in reducing water consumption is to use rainwater to cool induction systems instead of tap water. Used rainwater is recycled so that it can be reused multiple times.

Decent work and economic growth

Our contribution: Jobs in a safe and stable working environment

SMS Elotherm creates jobs that offer a healthy work-life balance and great social benefits. We are constantly evolving to ensure the safety, health and well-being of our employees in the future.

SMS Elotherm believes in sustainable economic growth. We improve continuously to contribute to economic growth for our customers and ourselves.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Our contribution: innovation to improve processes and products continuously

SMS Elotherm is constantly developing innovative new methods for increasing productivity and climate-neutral heating and hardening of metals supported by a large number of patents.

Responsible consumption and production

Our contribution:

Increasing energy efficiency in metal production and allowing for CO2-free production by replacing gas-fired heating methods with inductive methods.

We only use green electricity in our company.

Climate action

Our contribution: Our products and systems replace conventional heating methods such as heating ovens or furnaces, thus ensuring resource-saving consumption and more sustainable production in metal production.

In process development, we focus on energy consumption with the aim of continuously reducing it.

In our company, we take measures that make us step-by-step climate neutral.