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Vision & Mission


Metals are produced, melted, and heat treated CO2-free through our machines, systems, and service; this is our contribution to make our next generation climate-neutral.


Using induction to implement industrial heat treatment economically and sustainably

Corporate values

Customer oriented

Our focus is on the customer. From our core competencies, we create customers by developing useful solutions; we are available to our customers, try to understand the issues correctly, work out appropriate solutions to propose these. We are friendly, accountable, fast and try to impress our customers.


We understand innovation to be new products, processes or services, or modifications of existing ones, with the aim of presenting a better and more economical result. Innovation is the prerequisite for being customer-oriented. We set ourselves goals for innovation, analyze the business opportunities that may arise for different reasons and out of changes, prioritize them and develop solutions that we propose to our customers.


For us, being reliable means that we do what we promise and that we can be trusted because we take responsibility. If any circumstance prevents us from keeping our promise, we will report this in good time and offer alternative solutions or work out solutions together with our partners.

Quality conscious

For us, quality is the degree to which we meet customer requirements. This includes that we develop economical, sustainable and safe solutions that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers.