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The long-standing know-how in the induction heating of steel makes the SMS Elotherm to a reliable partner! We offer heating systems for rolling long products and flat products, for strip heating, forging heating, crankshaft hardening, surface hardening, ring hardening, bar hardening and much more!

6.000+Gebaute Anlagen
80+Built plants

Faster commissioning with Plug & Work

Our automation and converter technology carries out extensive integration tests before installation. We also train your personnel in how to maintain and operate our inductive equipment. Long before the system is installed in your plant, we test and optimize the automation system under realistic conditions.

An extra advantage for you is that SMS Elotherm employees train your future service personnel on the original equipment. Plug & Work therefore ensures that your plant is started up quickly.

Technical centre and test lab

Even before testing your machines, SMS Elotherm has its own facilities for extensively testing the hardened workpieces in accordance with the requirements of the end customer and develop informative test reports. In the field of test hardening and prototyping, we support our customers with a high level of expertise, competence and advice.

Our pilot plant and test laboratory enables us to validate new own products and technologies before they are launched on the market, thus ensuring that our customers are always guaranteed the high quality of our products. Pilot series can be produced on our laboratory equipment. We have connected loads of more than 2,000kW available at the site to test the possibilities of induction heating on a 1:1 scale. An extensive range of laboratory and rental equipment gives us and you the opportunity to test systems promptly and implement new ideas.

In-house production

The production of core components and the pre-assembly in our own workshop are the hallmarks of SMS Elotherm's quality and performance promise. To ensure the highest quality of the end products, we manufacture know-how-intensive core components in Remscheid and Iserlohn. A wide-ranging, constantly expanding network of international service locations guarantees you fast service all over the world.

We continue to focus fully on our role as the technology market leader for inductive applications and shape the future with outstanding design and manufacturing performance. Optimized process flows and efficient production solutions ensure shorter lead times - so that you receive first-class, reliable and high-performance products.