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Inductors are the tool for any induction heating plant. The condition of the inductors is the decisive factor for the heat treatment result of the workpiece. By nature, inductors are however subjected to high and changing load thermal and mechanical loads.

SMS Elotherm GmbH has its own inductor production plant and repair service and can therefore provide you with extensive expertise in the development, adaptation, optimisation, servicing, maintenance and repair of your inductors. This applies to all inductors, irrespective of the manufacturer.

The shape of the inductor is determined by the shape of the workpiece and the heat treatment specifications. The inductors of SMS Elotherm GmbH are therefore always engineered and tailor-madefor theworkpieces that need to be heated. Engineers can draw on extensive design experience and then design and optimise inductors with the help of 3D CAD and simulation software.

From development up to production – all from one single source!

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Induktor service

Conclude an inductor service contract with us which is tailored to your needs, and let our specialists handle the regular servicing for your inductors.

If an inductor is defective and needs repairing, then we have workshops available in many markets of the world. We also operate a state-of-the-art metallurgical laboratory at our head office in Germany. Our repairs always focus on quality, with constant attention to achieving a fast turn-around. After an incoming goods inspection, we inspect the received inductors and provide a corresponding cost estimate for the necessary repairs. All repairs are executed according to manufacturer specifications, so the service life of repaired inductors is virtually the same, or even better than, that of new inductors. After a final control, the repaired inductors leave our workshop complete with a test report.

The inductors repaired by experts are as good as new by making use of the existing materials. All necessary original wear parts, such as high-quality material guide tubes/ceramic tubes are, of course, included in our product range.

The high quality of repairs in accordance with SMS Elotherm GmbH OEM specifications results in a high reproducibility accuracy for your processes. We execute your inductor repairs with short turn-around times. And: collaboration with our specialists results in continuous improvement in the service life, so that you can demonstrably reduce your tool and process costs and therefore the production costs per workpiece.

Information about our 3D manufactured inductors

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Your advantages

  • Fastest turn-around times for repairs
  • Reduced tool and process costs
  • New technical condition for inductors
  • Maximum value retention of your plant or system


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