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High-throughput steel bar tempering

The quench and temper lines for long products, such as steel bars, have an induction heating section and a quenching section, followed by tempering induction coils. The heating and tempering coils are usually divided into several controllable zones. This has the advantage that the last zone in each case can be used for homogenisation, austenitisation, solution annealing (for stainless steels), or hardness adjustment.

On modern production lines, the quench and temper machines from SMS Elotherm are the standard for tempering tube and bar material. The most impressive features of the quench and temper lines from SMS Elotherm are their high efficiency, accuracy and versatility.

Key Features


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Flexibly configurable to meet individual requirements

The quench and temper lines from SMS Elotherm can be quickly configured for new dimensions, steel grades or special features, such as tubes with upset-forged ends. High production rates (tonnes per hour) are possible with induction technology, even with variable lengths and diameters.

Another advantage of the SMS Elotherm precision induction process is that high uniformity can be achieved in tempering with regard to hardness, mechanical properties and microstructure.

Smooth commissioning of quench and temper machines

The induction quench and temper lines from SMS Elotherm can usually be installed considerably faster at the customer’s site than lines with conventional furnace technology. In addition, commissioning of the induction lines is impressively easy, allowing production of finished products to commence much earlier. With induction tempering lines from SMS Elotherm, new methods can be developed quickly, enabling simple implementation of prototype production for end users.

Fast installation, quick production start

The induction quench and temper lines from SMS Elotherm can be installed considerably faster, allowing production to start earlier. The machine also stands out thanks to trouble-free commissioning. With induction quench and temper lines from SMS Elotherm, new methods can be developed quickly, enabling simple implementation of prototype production for end users.


Next Level of High Grade Steel Bars at Gerdau Mogi!”
Steel Bar heat treatment by Induction MZT TemperLine (Multiple Zone Technology Quench & Temper line)

Aços Especiais Brasil, Gerdau – GSB MOGI plant, in Mogi da Cruzes, São Paulo, has successfully
commissioned a MZT TemperLine for a high-grade steel bars quench and temper application
together with SMS Elotherm Germany and SMS Elotherm Brazil.

The SMS Elotherm quench & temper line consists of the inductive austenitizing and tempering/soaking sections, the quenching tank, the cooling bed and all associated transport roller tables for material transport. This system replaces a standard gas furnace application and its high performance creates substantial energy savings for Gerdau.

SMS Elotherm applies the IGBT modular transistorized converter technology developed and built
in-house in Germany to generate the working frequency and required heating power. It is thus possible to treat all bar diameters from around 19 mm up to 80 mm with different steel alloys at the required throughput.

The state of the art Induction Multiple Zone Technology (MZT) allows to individually supply all six zones of the

line containing 54 inductors in total with power from one common Elomat® 58LLC converter. The 18 austenitizing inductors and 36 tempering/soaking inductors are split up into the six individually controllable heating zones to ensure optimum heating process results.

With this new technology, under a turn-key solution, SMS ELOTHERM has established “the next level” for high grade steel bars production in South America. This premium reference for the market enables Gerdau to achieve metallurgical and mechanical quality results with a high-speed production, says José Machado Jr. General Manager SMS Elotherm Brazil.


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