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Comprehensive in-house expertise at SMS Elotherm

At the heart of every induction machine are converters, capacitor units and inductors. Put simply, they determine process reliability and cost-effectiveness for the customer, which is why SMS Elotherm has merged all core competences under one roof – from in-house development to in-house production.

Efficiency, long life cycles and easy servicing

The modular design and standardisation also ensure efficiency, long life cycles and easy servicing when it comes to ELOMAT converters. ELOMAT converters for LLC, series and parallel resonant circuits are the optimal power source for every use case. Converter systems withfrequencies up to 600 kHz and performance up to 4500 kW are achieved using the latest power semiconductors.

ELOMAT converters stand out thanks to their modern control, service-friendly designand user-friendly operation. The versatile interfaces enable smooth integration into process control systems and higher-level system control.

Key Features


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Parallel resonant circuit converters

Elotherm parallel resonant circuit converters have been continuously refined over time and offer users a robust and versatile technology. Using modern IGBTs and MOSFETs to cover a wide range of frequencies and power levels, our power spectrum extends from 120 kW to 4500 kW per unit, with frequencies from 1 kHz to 600 kHz. This allows parallel resonant circuit converters to be used in almost all areas of induction heating.

A multi-channel version of the parallel resonant circuit converter has been developed specifically to meet the requirements of induction hardening. Up to six independent power outputs are available, with power levels from 90 kW to 270 kW per channel. This version also presents a consistently high power factor on the mains side.

Series resonant circuit converters

Elotherm series resonant circuit converters are available in power classes from 90 kW to 2400 kW and frequencies up to 200 kHz. These devices are modern and compact power units. To cover the wide frequency range with high energy efficiency, the latest power semiconductor technologies are used – such as silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs. A consistently higher power factor on the mains side, as well as smooth impedance matching the resonant circuit load, can be achieved with this technology.

LLC converter

With their modern design, frequency range from 1 kHz to 10 kHz and power range from 400 kW to 4000 kW, LLC converters are ideal for use in the metallurgy industry. The individual power modules can be controlled independently so as to adapt them to specific workpieces. The LLC converter topology features a good power factor, and as such meets the latest requirements set by grid operators.



Technical report: Energyefifcient power supply for induction hardening and heating processes


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