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Induction Tempering of tubes

The SMS Elotherm induction machines for tube annealing consist of an induction heating section with an attached quenching device, followed by an induction annealing section to configure the desired hardness parameters. The most impressive features of the quench and temper lines from SMS Elotherm are their high efficiency, accuracy and versatility.

Key Features


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Flexibly configurable to meet individual requirements

The quench and temper lines from SMS Elotherm can be quickly configured for new dimensions, steel grades or special features, such as tubes with upset-forged ends. High production rates (tonnes per hour) are possible with induction technology, even with variable lengths and diameters.

Thanks to the SMS Elotherm precision induction process, high uniformity can be achieved in tempering with regard to hardness, mechanical properties and microstructure.

Efficiency and low environmental impact

Quench and temper lines from SMS Elotherm consume energy only when in use. By contrast, gas- and oil-fired furnaces consume significant amounts of energy even when idle. In addition, the combustion process releases harmful CO2and NOx emissions, unlike induction heating. Induction quench and temper lines operate without emissions.

Smooth commissioning of quench and temper machines

The induction quench and temper lines from SMS Elotherm can usually be installed considerably faster at the customer’s site than lines with conventional furnace technology. The compact design, low foundation preparation effort and pre-tested modules enable smooth commissioning, allowing production of finished products to commence much earlier. With induction quench and temper lines from SMS Elotherm, new methods can be developed quickly, enabling simple implementation of prototype production for end users.

Hybrid heating strategies for quench and temper systems

For especially difficult requirements, such as heavy upset ends or large wall thickness tolerances, SMS Elotherm offers hybrid quench and temper systems in cooperation with SMS Group GmbH. These hybrid lines usually have induction preheating in both the hardening and tempering sections, followed by gas-fired furnaces. Along with reducing costs and enhancing quality, these mutually complementary heating concepts enable new heating strategies and process routes. With heavy upset ends in particular, induction preheating allows sharply reduced soak times in the gas-fired furnace, thereby facilitating ideal heating strategies with the least possible energy consumption and scale formation.


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